Breakout<sup>®</sup> 114

Breakout® 114

Description et Spécification

The Breakout® model takes long, lean muscle to the modern edge. The Milwaukee-Eight® 107 or 114 engine stands out like a flexing bicep. It sends massive torque to the 240mm rear tyre. There are custom details from front to back. And a re-invented Softail® frame and suspension that give you more agility than you ever imagined from a bike carrying this much dragster attitude. Reach for the drag bars and unleash it on the street. It’ll make an impact. Available in 107 (1745cc) and 114 (1868cc) engine displacements.


Hauteur du siège (mm):665mm
Capacité des réservoirs à carburant (litres):13.2l
Poids sec (kg):294.0kg


Moteur:Milwaukee-Eight® 114
Déplacement (
Couple du moteur (Nm @ rpm)::155Nm / 3000rpm

Roues / Pneumatiques

Avant:21" Gloss black, Gasser II cast aluminum / 130/60B21,63H,BW
Arrière:18" Gloss black, Gasser II cast aluminum / 240/40R18,79V,BW

Sélections de couleurs

Blue Max, Bonneville Salt Pearl, Industrial Gray, Rawhide Denim, Scorched Orange/Black Denim, Vivid Black, Wicked Red